Consultancy service

Twenty-five years of experience in the international art world, and an unrivalled commitment to each individual client’s needs form the foundation of our consultancy services.

Our consultants have extensive expertise in managing public and private art collections, remain ever aware of the latest trends and emerging artists, and are adept at elevating our client’s homes and venues over those of their peers through the acquisition and exquisite placement of unique works of art.

The first step of any consultation is to gain a complete understanding of our client’s exacting requirements. This can be carried out at either your venue or our offices in London or Kuwait.

Next, it is our role to inspire our clients to fully appreciate the aesthetic potential of their venue. This is achieved through showcasing our artists’ portfolios either in person, if you wish to visit our studio, or digitally, alongside sharing our interior design expertise to describe where they could reside and why.

Once initial ideals have been established, our consultants will collaborate with architects, developers, designers and other professionals and officials to ensure that every facet of the result is not only stunning, but in accord with your vision for your space.

Demand for our full art consultancy service is growing year on year and nowhere is this more obvious than in the hotel sector, with unprecedented interest from global destinations for ATKYA to act as their sole artwork provider. Our experience, expert eye and the access we have to a vast portfolio and artist talent pool facilitates hoteliers and their interior design managers in their goal to create a truly memorable experience for their guests. Our intense appreciation for quality, brand, aspiration and expectation ensures that every hotel, corporate office space, global headquarters, bank or residence could benefit from our team’s work.

Our consultants are trusted the world over to manage and curate art projects of the highest quality across a broad range of environments, and to select or commission incredible original works of design and art. Time and again we go beyond merely delivering on this trust, because we strive daily to exceed all expectations.

To discuss how ATKYA’s consultants can transform your venue through the medium of canvas, stone, metal or precious materials, contact us today on 07976 037 247 or at