Commisioning service

From a single piece of artwork to an entire commissioning programme, ATKYA offers a comprehensive service to provide clients with the ultimate expression of artistic freedom – the ability to commission one or more of our many artists to produce unique pieces to their exacting specifications.

Our extensive portfolio will provide you with a good view of the variety of styles and mediums our artists work in, the nuances of individual craftsmen and women and how their work has evolved over time. From this you will be able, with the help of our experienced consultants, to select the artist or artists you wish to commission and to develop a brief for them to work from.

Working with interior designers, facility managers, building engineers and architects where necessary we ensure that the pieces commissioned will suit the environment they are destined for and that their positioning and presentation is optimised for greatest effect.

Quality of service and creativity is never compromised; therefore, even after our artists have started work, if adaptations of the brief are requested, swift communication can ensure that they are incorporated within the requested works.

Our consultants are on hand for installation advice and assistance and to discuss any subsequent commissioning work you may require.

To discover how ATKYA’s commissioning service works or to engage one or more of our skilled artists, contact us today on 07976 037 247 or at