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ATKYA’s raison d’être is our devotion to finding the perfect artwork to suit the spaces, exacting requirements and budgets of our public and private clients across the globe. We tailor our service to your needs, offering a rich variety of works from an extensive portfolio, exceptional artists for commissioning original or reproduction pieces, and decades of consulting expertise from which to determine how our artworks can elevate or enhance, dazzle or transform any venue.

Our role is to inspire and guide, to intimately understand our client’s requirements, and to translate this into the canvas, stone, metal or other form of artwork, selected and installed. We invest as much time as is necessary to ensure that every piece requested or commissioned matches your expectations, fits within your architecture and environment, and complements other works in your collection – whether existing or as part of your instructions to us.

Our services, which can be offered individually or in any combination, are as follows.


The creation of unique works of art or respectfully crafted reproductions is close to all of our hearts. Extensive though our portfolio may be, there is sometimes no substitute for a client’s desire to commission a piece to their very own tastes and specifications. Close working relationships with a broad range of artists from across every style and medium means that we have yet to receive a request that we have not been able to satisfy.

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All artwork available through ATKYA has been created by our outstanding artists with a brief to capture the essence of their creative flair across a variety of mediums with quality and heart at the core of every piece. Our exclusive collection is ever growing, as we make it a point of pride to only work with artists driven by a passion to produce the most unique and beautiful works.

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With over two and a half decades of experience creating and curating artwork collections for royalty and residences, government buildings and leaders of commerce, ATKYA’s consultants know exactly how to deliver unique environments that transcend expectations. Working in collaboration with our clients we survey spaces, select all manner of artworks and commission unique pieces to achieve even the most challenging of client visions.

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