Residental projects

Residential: HRH Former King Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd (King of Saudi Arabia)
Status: Former King of Saudi Arabia
Project: Contracted by the Arabian Construction Co. to commission multi-medium artwork, painting and ceramic.
Location: Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Residential: Crown Prince HRH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayad Palace (UAE)
Status: Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.
Project: Special request to provide large size artwork to compliment the vast and magnificent space of the interior of his residence.
Location: Dubai, UAE

Residential: HRH Shaikha Fatimah Palace Collection of artworks (Wife of Prince of United Arab Emirates Shaikh Zayed)
Project: Custom creation of several artworks tailored around the UAE cultural symbols, heritage and history.
Location: Dubai, UAE

Residential: HRH Shaikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Palaces
Status: Crown Prince of Kuwait and Deputy Commander of the Military of Kuwait
Project: Collection of artworks carefully selected and placed at the prince’s palace, including a one-off handmade engraved copper and bronze gate.
Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Residential: HRH Prince Fahed Bin Salman Palace
Status: King of Saudi Arabia
Project: Design and production of numerous artworks.
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Residential: HRH Shaikh Ali Khalifa Al Sabah Villa
Status: Proprietor and Chairman of Al Watan newspapers in Kuwait and former Minister of Oil
Project: Collection of artworks for five villas of the Interior Vice Minister Nasser Al Othman, including a spectacular handmade 3m by 2m wood and knocked-on copper gate for his primary residence.
Location: Yarmook, Kuwait