Throughout history, art has been the foundation of human expression. From ochre-stained cave walls and elaborately engraved shells to Van Gogh’s stylised swirls and Damien Hirst’s emotive art world dividing works. Across the millennia we have surrounded ourselves with artwork that reflects our ideals, aspirations and tastes, and today, thanks to the plethora of styles and medium available to us it is enough to make one’s head spin

ATKYA is an art consultancy founded on the principle of helping individuals and corporations, royal families and government institutions, to find or commission the most spectacular works of art for their private residences and offices, works that reflect their own passions and ideals. Established in Kuwait more than 25 years ago, ATKYA has an excellent reputation throughout the Middle East and Europe and has grown exponentially to serve a diverse international client base.

Founder Ali Ghaddaf has created a company which, at its very core, is driven by his passion for reinventing the way art is seen, appreciated and produced. ATKYA has become a world leader in the creation of artworks in any medium and genre. Art without limits, from the traditional and cultural to the unconventional and unusual, so our commissioning clients can express their true personality through the artworks they display.

Our works adorn the walls and sit within the corridors of such diverse venues as the Saudi Ambassador’s residence at The Hague, the palace of HH The President of the UAE in Abu Dhabi, Dresdner Bank in Geneva, and the United Nations Building in New York, to name just a few of our valued clients.

The launch of our London offices represents an exciting time in the evolution of our business, enabling us to focus even more personal attention on our UK and European clientele than we were previously able to do from Kuwait.

At the heart of our offering are two unique resources – an elite team of experienced art consultants with years of spatial design expertise at the highest level poised to assist our clients in their artwork selection, and an unparalleled relationship with numerous artists whose exclusive works or creative talents are available to you through ATKYA.

We are well aware of the fact that our reputation is only as strong as our last client’s appraisal of our work, which is why every new day we strive to live up to it through the quality of our service and artwork, our design insights to select just the right piece for just the right place, and in our efforts to satisfy our clients’ exacting expectations.

Therefore, if you are looking to acquire a unique piece of art, commission a reproduction or original work, or require assistance in the placement of your artwork to best ensure that its majesty is recognised by all who see it, then contact us at your convenience.